My name is Julian. I'm a Toledoan living in Chicago. By day I work at Mightybytes, and by night I produce music, and run. I also enjoy good beer, good coffee, and watching the Chicago Bulls. Here's what else I do:

Product Development

I've helped lead the design, development and release of over a dozen software features and products. Some lead to Inc500 level revenue growth, some were featured in Fast Company, and some failed. Feel free to contact me for real life stories.


I am the son of a blues player, and music producer, and like father I've been in making records since I was 16 years old. Most of my work is under my pseudonym FramezMadison , or at my label GoldSpinMusic.


I've dabbled in design over the years mainly creating posters for shows and events, album art, and websites for friends and family. Portfolio coming soon.


I love running. So far I've logged 568 miles over 210 runs accoding to Nike Plus.

"Perfection is achieved

not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

"save your sandwiches and sip your whiskey"